The GHINN welcomes membership from any individual or institution that is working in or has an interest in areas of relevance to managing extreme heat risks to health. In particular, our model and services are designed to create useful products and opportunities for the following:

  • government agencies
  • academic institutions
  • international organizations
  • professional associations
  • non-governmental organizations
  • private-sector boundary institutions
  • individuals in relevant fields


As a member you will be part of an international network of dedicated researchers, policy-makers and practitioners at the cutting edge of global heat health information reflecting diverse perspectives from governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, private-sector boundary institutions and professional associations. Through the network, you will have unique opportunities to share and access information, tools, guidance, training, and advocacy and to connect with collaborators.

Members receive access to a growing global community which is innovating to deliver solutions for heat health. Our network provides an unrivalled opportunity to collaborate, contribute, and input into the global effort to build resilient solutions. In particular, members benefit from:

Access to information:

  1. Relevant information and tools
  2. Opportunities for mentorship with expert guidance and training
  3. ‘Tried and true’ intervention methods tied to robust evidence
  4. Opportunities for collaboration between regional nodes, and private-public sectors

  5. Guidance on the translation of research to practice

Opportunities to engage:

  1. Participate in co-learning that jointly defines the problem and develops effective solutions

  2. Inform agendas and priorities for Research, Assessment, and Products

  3. Share and engage with others in their work

  4. Work collaboratively with stakeholders in addressing shared challenges for a common interest

  5. Draw upon advocacy for action

  6. Shape the common voice of the community