1st Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Thermal Factors (SCTF): Occupational Health and Productivity Impacts of Workplace Heat in Relation to Global and Local Climate Change (3 May 2019, Wellington NZ)

1st Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Thermal Factors (SCTF)

3 May 2019 / Wellington, New Zealand


  • To receive updates on the scientific evidence on increasing environmental and workplace heat as a health risk factor from globally active scientists and discuss gaps in the evidence;

  • To establish contacts for potential new research collaboration;

  • To discuss plans for the ICOH SCTF and to discuss a proposed SCTF plan for a global consensus report on methods to quantify heat effects on occupational health and productivity in the context of climate change.


  • Advertisement of SCTF ICOH membership: prospective members may apply with the endorsement of three ICOH members (Annex II).

  • The next in-person meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Heat-related Illnesses in Kitakyushu, Japan. The conference is on 27-28 Oct 2019 and is to be organized by Seichi Horie.

  • A new Heat Health and Work Productivity Research Programme will be initiated at the NUS Global Asia Institute from July 2019 (http://www.gai.nus.edu.sg). Jason Lee encouraged members to consider tapping on that platform to foster collaborative research.


  • To jointly prepare a scientific summary report of heat effects on working people and to identify gaps in current evidence.

  • To prepare an agreed standard protocol for field studies of heat effects at workplaces, and to promote its use to produce data for a global picture of this occupational health problem.

  • To develop new joint analysis of the potential future impacts of heat on occupational health and productivity.

  • To seek funding for these joint activities.
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