First Global Forum for Heat and Health to take place in Hong Kong December 17-20, 2018

July of 2015 leading health, weather, and climate experts convened in Chicago to discuss current practices to address the growing global problem of extreme heat and its health impacts. The workshop focused on the application of both weather and climate information, identified the basis for a common framework, and produced an action plan wherein participants agreed to work together on an integrated approach to extreme heat. Participants agreed to reconvene within two years to discuss progress and the way forward in an international context, as well as to review national developments toward the international goals. The fruition of this ambition will soon take place in the inaugural Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) Forum, in Hong Kong in December 2018, with an expressed intent to launch the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) as a new global initiative to accelerate heat-health priority actions.

Forum Goal and Objectives

The forum will serve as an international platform to promote the integrated use of climate, weather, and health information for evidence based policy and actions to improve the management of extreme heat risks. The forum will bring together the community of experts and practitioners implementing various aspects of heat health information systems and action plans in order to share experience, inform a global common agenda, strengthen the network, and formally launch the Global Heat Health Information Network.


  • Provide the opportunity for national, regional, and international sharing and networking between heat - health experts;

  • Share experience and identify emerging issues across five common thematic areas;

  • Specific focus on communicating heat risk, will engage local and global media in heat health communications and provide an interactive learning session on understanding and communicating heat risks;

  • Review and validate the global technical agenda to launch GHHIN.

  • Achieve agreement on the highest priority gaps in research, operational information, and action.

A consortium of heat health partners in Hong Kong will host the event, providing the opportunity for GHHIN participants to learn about the interdisciplinary projects and approaches to managing heat in Hong Kong. Local partners will include: the Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong University School of Public Health and Faculty of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (School of Public Health, Institute of Environment, Energy, and Sustainability, and Institute of Future Cities).

For more information, including proposed programme and registration, please visit the event site at the following link.

[1] the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), German Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Global Framework For Climate Services (GFCS) and many other research and operational health partners from India, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Sweden