Chao REN

University of Hong Kong

Dr. Chao REN is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interest is Sustainable Urban and Environmental Design and Urban Climatic Application in Urban Planning. She has published widely in highly ranked journals and peer-reviewed conferences, focusing primarily on examining the relationship between urban climate and urban morphological characteristics, developing an urban climatic mapping system, and analysing urbanization-induced human thermal comfort and public health risk impacts for high-density/compact cities. She has edited and co-edited 4 books. One is The Urban Climatic Map: A Methodology for Sustainable Urban Planning(Routledge, 2015). Dr. Ren has been involved in several governmental research projects in China (Hong Kong, Macau, Wuhan, Foshan, Changchun and Beijing), Taiwan (Kaohsiung), The Netherlands (Arhem) and France (Toulouse). She has been invited by international organizations including WMO and UNEP to develop urban climate related guides, reports and training materials. She serves as editorial advisor for Cities & Health and an associate editor for Urban Climate (2018-2020). She is an elected board member of the International Association for Urban Climate (2017-2021).