What is the Global Heat Health Information Network?

We are a network of professionals from many domains, working together to accelerate learning and action to address the health risks of extreme heat and a warming world.

The solution-based network promotes the sharing of resources and information, encourages collaborative learning and partnership building between members, and seeks to enhance technical and science based decision tools to better manage heat risks.

Heat impacts

  • Every year, tens of thousands of people die as a result of avoidable extreme ambient heat-induced health consequences such as heat stroke, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, dehydration, and other complications of heat stress.
  • Many more suffer and are unable to work at full capacity because high temperatures have been shown to contribute to illnesses such as chronic kidney disease, reducing labor productivity and ultimately economic output significantly. 
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projects with high confidence the observed trends of heat waves lasting longer, occurring more frequently, occurring earlier in the year, and at increasingly higher than normal temperatures in many parts of the world will continue.
  • Experts are sending strong messages that heat waves will increase the number of deaths, illnesses, and societal impacts, particularly as the population of vulnerable and exposed individuals increases.
  • Fortunately, nearly all adverse health outcomes of human exposure to dangerous heat are preventable with targeted and informed interventions.   

Case Study & Action Plan Map

Explore case studies and heat health action from around the world in our interactive map.

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