Masterclass: Heat Early Warning Systems – Scientific Approaches for Estimating Thresholds

Oct 28, 2021


South Asia Heat Health Information Network (SAHHIN)



Save the date for the South Asia Heat Health Information Network’s (SAHHIN) fourth global masterclass on ‘Heat Early Warning Systems-Scientific Approaches for Estimating Thresholds’ with Abhiyant Tiwari, on 28th October 2021 (4.30 pm -5.30 pm IST).

Hosted by IRADe and supported by IDRC / CRDI, Canada, this masterclass will deliberate on the importance of temperature thresholds in heat early warning systems, along with various options and best in use scientific analytical methods available for deriving such temperature thresholds. It will also discuss the issues and constraints in policy decision-making in setting threshold temperature for heat early warning systems.