Delhi Heat Action Plan 2024-25

Organization: Delhi Disaster Management Authority

Year: 2024

Delhi Heat Action Plan 2024-25

Delhi Disaster Management Authority developed Heat Action Plan (HAP), as per NDMA Guideline. This aims to facilitate the stakeholders in preparing a Heat Management plan by providing insight into the heat related illness and the necessary mitigative and response actions to be undertaken. It would also help in mobilization and co- ordination of various departments, individuals and communities to focus on heat reduction aspects to help and protect their neighbours, friends, relatives and themselves against avoidable health problems during spell of very hot and dry weather.

To implement Heat Action plan in Delhi the following key strategies have been adopted:

  •  Establish Early Warning System and Inter- Agency Coordination
  •  Capacity building/ training programme
  •  Public Awareness and community outreach
  •  Collaboration with Non-Governmental and Civil Society