Managing health impacts of heat in South East Queensland, Australia

Author: Gemma Schuch, Silvia Serrao-Neumann, and Darryl Low Choy

Year: 2014

Published in:

Disaster Health 2:2, 82--91; April/May/June 2014; © 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

Heatwaves kill more people than any other natural hazard in Australia. Current literature on managing health risks of heatwaves highlights the importance of implementing urban planning measures, and engaging with vulnerable groups on a local level to better understand perceptions of risk and tailor health protection measures. This paper reviews arrangements to reduce heatwave health risks in South East Queensland in response to these themes. A literature search and document analysis, stakeholder interviews, and multi-stakeholder cross-sectoral workshops revealed that although heatwave management is not always considered by local government and disaster management stakeholders, many urban planning measures to minimize urban heat have been pursued. However, greater information from vulnerable groups is still needed to better inform heatwave management measures.