Project HEATS

Organization: University of California, Berkeley, National University of Singapore & University of Sydney

Year: 2024

Project HEATS

HEATS (Heat Exposure, AcTivity, and Sleep) is a three-year, multi-institutional project focused on improving sleep outcomes for people exposed to heat. Funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation, the project will develop technological and behavioral solutions to minimize heat exposure for improved sleep.


The project is structured as three distinct and complementary components: 1) continuous monitoring of more than 100 working-age persons over several months to study the effect of heat exposure on sleep, 2) develop and evaluate a novel bedroom and worker dormitories cooling solution, and 3) deploy and test personalized smartphone nudging strategies to improve sleep environments.


The project team is comprised of researchers from University of California, Berkeley, the National University of Singapore, and The University of Sydney. The expertise of the 6-member team includes thermal physiology, sleep quality, indoor environmental quality, thermal comfort, and machine learning. The Principal Investigators are Stefano Schiavon (UC Berkeley) and Jason Kai Wei Lee (NUS). Co-Investigators include June Chi Yan Lo (NUS), Clayton Miller (NUS), Thomas Parkinson (The University of Sydney), and Hui Zhang (UC Berkeley).