REFLECT Study – Understanding the impact of cool roofs on health, environmental & economic outcomes

Organization: The University of Auckland

Lead Researchers: Dr. Collin Tukuitonga & Dr. Aditi Bunker

Year: 2023

As climate change continues to intensify, so will the adverse effects of extreme heat for LMIC communities living in climate hotspots in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Identifying effective climate change adaptation interventions that can be implemented in these diverse communities will support people, organisations, and governments to make climate change adaptation investment decisions. Therefore, this project aims to address extreme heat effects using cool roofs as an efficient solution for lowering indoor temperatures without the need for expensive air conditioning or other energy-intensive coolers. Its benefits encompass passive operation, low-cost, and durability. Cool roofs can work to mitigate adverse health, environmental, and economic impacts by:

  • Reflecting sunlight​ to reduce indoor temperatures​
  • Improving occupant comfort and health
  • Increasing occupant productivity ​
  • ​Lowering energy use ​